87 – Chatting Shopify with The Shopify Expert

Clayton Bates is a registered Shopify Expert who has helped generate tens of millions in extra revenue. He has been nominated for multiple awards. Clayton explains how a Shopify website works for a product-based business, why is it crucial to keep it up to date and he shares tips with us on how to get people to your website. You can check out Clayton’s website at: www.inspiresmallbusiness.com

Your Business Hour podcast is hosted by the founders of Champ Consultants, Chantal and Matthew Baker.

They are both accountants and bring a wealth of knowledge, experience, and business tips to their chat. They interview guests who tell their business stories, as well as consider the latest topics in business and finance.

Ep 12. Battling in the Web Design Arena with Accredited Shopify Expert Clayton Bates

Clayton Bates