Below is a list of Frequently Asked Questions I have received. If the answer you're looking for isn't listed I'd be more than happy to answer it for you. 


Do you only work with businesses in Australia ? 

No. I work with business owners all over the world.

Are you a registered Business ? 

Yes. Inspire Small Business is a registered Australian Business Name and my ABN (Australian Business Number) is 61 514 640 144

How much does the Website Package Cost ? 

This is hard question to answer as it all depends on your needs. I'm more then happy to have a free strategy session with you to work out what you need. This is the best way to work out pricing. 

What Platforms do you use ? 

I only specialize in Shopify. I want to only focus all my attention on the one platform so I can offer the best service possible. 

How many year's experience do you have ? 

I have been using Shopifyfor 5 years. In this time I have built a website for my last business Cards and Collectables R Us. I listed 7,500 products and built this website up to feature page #1 of google on over 400 pages. This website also did 590 Sales in 6 month period. 

I have also built multiple websites for my customers over the last year. I have also been approved by the Shopify Partner program and have completed Shopify training programs over the last few years. 

So I have built my own business with Shopify and now I help small business owners build websites that get customers. I don't just teach or just build websites. I've done the hard yards also. 

Why do you have a case of Pepsi in your pictures ?

When I was in high school I use to sell cans of drinks for three years. This is what inspired me to want to be a business owner. I have that case to remind me of why I'm doing this.

Why do you have a Lego Set in your pictures ?

When I was a kid I use to love playing with Lego and building websites is like my "adult Lego" it inspires me. Honestly everything near and around my desk inspires my life and business that's why I keep them nearby.   

Didn't answer you question ? 

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