Ep 12. Battling in the Web Design Arena with Accredited Shopify Expert Clayton Bates

Today, join me as I speak to Clayton, a self-taught web designer and certified Shopify Expert who shares how he started his business, the lessons he learned, and his advice for others looking to get into web design. He emphasizes the importance of working on oneself, backing oneself, and being true to oneself. Clayton also shares some tips on how to deal with clients and how to compete in the arena of web design.
We discussed:
  • Clayton Bates' Early Career (02:43-05:25)
  • Starting a Web Design and Development Business (05:25-10:43)
  • Challenges and Lessons Learned in Running a Business (10:43-48:57)
  • Clayton Bates' Design Process (48:57-51:37)
  • The Importance of Communication and Managing Client Expectations (51:37-1:01:18)
  • Clayton Bates' Business Philosophy and Future Plans (1:01:18-1:17:18)

The Real Life Buyer

87 – Chatting Shopify with The Shopify Expert

Clayton Bates