Shopify Expert Reviews GRAHAM STEPHAN Merch Website Honest Opinion by Clayton Bates

Does Graham Stephan Shopify Merch Website Suck? Shopify Expert Clayton Bates reviews store and breaks down what you can do to build an awesome Shopify website.

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In this video I'll breakdown Graham Stephan merch store and going over tips and suggestions to improve it. The reason for making this video is to educate you on best shopify practices etc. As Graham would say smash like and subscribe.

This video is in no way disrespecting the person who built Graham's shopify website at all. It's more for educational purposes only. I believe when you first open and create a shopify website you can't always follow what popular people like Graham and Kylie Cosmetics do. There is so much more to building a site


Clayton Bates from Inspire Small Business is a Shopify Partner and registered Shopify Expert approved by Shopify. All advice is passed on Clayton's experience working on his own sites and hundreds of client websites.

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