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    I Reviewed 1,500 Shopify Websites ????

    Over the last 18 months I reviewed over 1,500 Shopify websites. When reviewing these websites I noticed that most people don't do at least 3/5 of these extremely important things you need to convert visitors into customers. In this video I'll explain how to correct them in detail.

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    1. Home Page

    It's really important to flow this page well. Some helpful ideas to improve your homepage 

    • Images of people smiling 
    • Beautiful Slideshow Image (most important image on website)
    • Nice Flow 
    • 12 Products max 


    2. Product Page 

    This page is one of the most important pages on your website. It's important to have all the information about your product and build trust. Some tips. 

    • Add detailed product descriptions 
    • Add Product Tabs 
    • Add Similar Products 
    • Add Testimonials and/or Reviews 
    • Break up text with images (if description is to long)


    3. Site Navigation 

    It's extremely important to build out your navigation to be easy and simple. Your visitors want this. 

    • Simple Main Menu (Home, Shop with drop down to collection , About) 
    • Add Policy Pages to footer 
    • Footer needs to be able to get to nearly anywhere on site in 1 or 2 clicks and look good on mobile 


    4. Checkout 

    Most people forget to work on this page. Make sure to have a very consistent checkout page. 

    • Add Logo 
    • Use Same colors as rest of website 
    • Make button the same color as add to cart button 


    5. Mobile Friendly 

    Lately I have seen most website generate around 60-90% of there traffic from mobile phones. Now more than ever its important to focus on building a mobile friendly website first. 


    Thank You 

    Thanks for reading or watching my video and good luck on your shopify journey. If you would like a 100% free video review of your website you can get this HERE 


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