How To Add & Create Shopify Color Swatches on Product Page Tutorial Video

In this Shopify Tutorial video I will walk you through step-by-step how to customize and create color swatches for your Shopify Website. If this doesn't work for you leave a comment with the theme you're using and I'll try to find some more information.

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Time Stamps:
  • 00:00  Intro 
  • 01:07  How To Check File Size
  • 03:29 Create Swatch File
  • 10:36  Add Swatches #1
  • 12:00  Wrong File Name 
  • 12:37  Wrong Variant Name 
  • 13:17  Add Swatches #2
  • 14:55  Assign Variant Image 
  • 16:47  Thanks For Watching 
Most links in this video are affiliate links that I (Clayton Bates) receive a small commission if you sign up. These commissions help me to make more free videos helping you grow your business. If you don't want to use my affiliate links you can google these themes and download theme. If you still haven't signed up to Shopify here is a link to 14 day free trial 

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