How to Add a Blog to Your Shopify Store & How To WRITE a Blog for Your Online Website in 2020

Have you got a blog or been thinking about starting one on your online website store ? If you need to set one up this video tutorial is going to show you how to add and set-up a blog to your shopify site and / or hire someone to write one for you if you suck at writing like I do.

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ABOUT CLAYTON BATES FROM INSPIRE SMALL BUSINESS I have been using shopify for over 5 years now and 2 years ago decided to take my business in a new direction by building and redesigning website. The best part of my old business was building the site. It's like adult lego to me. In 2018 shopify registered me as shopify partner and in 2019 reached out to me and asked if I would like to be one of there registered experts. My team have worked on nearly 300 shopify websites and counting.



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