#1 Shopify FREE Theme

Are you looking for the #1 Shopify FREE theme ? The problem with the free themes on shopify is they don't really give you much options. 

Thankfully Debutify has come out with a great looking FREE theme. Check out the video below. 


Debutify --> debutify.com



Why pick Debutify over the Shopify free themes ?  

Design: This theme has so many more options for customization when it comes to a free theme. Some of the benefits over other free themes 

✔️ Home Page Customization 
✔️ Product Page Customization 🔥
✔️ Site Navigation 
✔️ Drawer Menu 
✔️ Footer Menu 

    Colors: Debutify has twice the amount of options when it comes to changing the colors on your website. No other free theme can compare. Some of the extra color options are...

    ✔️ Footer Menu 🔥
    ✔️ Accent Background
    ✔️ Button Options 
    ✔️ Sale Tag 
    ✔️ Announcement Bar 
    ✔️ 29 Color Options 🔥

      User Experience: One of the problems with most 3rd party themes is they're a nightmare to download and set up. The great thing about Debutify is it's so easy to upload into your website. After a couple clicks you will have this theme ready to customize in no time. 


      What do you think ? Lets me no in the comments below ! Do you like Debutify ? 

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