Clayton Bates - A Guide to Your Best Ecommerce Store

Clayton Bates has a number of admirable qualities and his business motto is a reflection of that. He's reviewed over 1500 websites and secured a coveted partnership with Shopify in the process. In addition to teaching us about some of the most common mistakes, he also talks about some key services you should be looking into and how he keeps himself oriented and focused in life. If you have an eCommerce store, there is no reason on earth not to seek his guidance.

Clayton Bates heads up InspireSmallBusiness.com, an independent mentoring website that has to date reviewed over 1500 ecommerce websites, securing himself a partnership with Shopify along the way. In addition to his free review services, over 300 clients have taken him up on his personal mentoring and as a result, he has generated 1 million in revenue. Join us as he talks with Joseph about the essentials every ecommerce site must have and the importance of not giving up.

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Clayton Bates