Video Website Review

Video Website Review

Video Website Review

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Second set of eyes ? 

Not sure whats wrong with your website and why it doesn't convert ? It's always good to have a second set of eyes on your website. We offer a full video review of your website giving you tips on how to improve your site to convert more visitors into sales. 


✔️ Full Video Review 

✔️ Tips To Convert 

✔️ Direction 

    I seriously love doing website reviews. It's my favorite part of my job. Here is what Chris had to say about our website reviews. 


    So What Are You Waiting For ? 
    Can't wait to do a great video review for you. Talk to you soon. 
    Our Guarantee

    We guarantee to make your experience working with us the best it can possibly be. 

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    How long does it take ?

    Most projects are completed within 2 Business days.

    While we do our best to finish your work on time please allow up to 5 business days depending on revisions and on how many projects we're working on at the time of purchase. 

    Refund Policy

    Small Tasks 

    30 Day Refund Policy


    30 Day Refund Policy 

    Website Redesign

    Within 2 Business days I will supply you a video of the direction the website is going in. If you don't like the direction a full refund will be issued. At this point if you like the direction of the website and agree to continue the refund option will not be available. 

    Please Note

    To receive refund all work preformed by Inspire Small Business must be deleted from your website before refund will be issued. 


    Results are not typical. The results Clayton Bates has are true and his own. You may or may not have the same sort of results. 

    The one thing I can guarentee is making it online takes truck loads of effort. 


    So it's been a great day - 2 orders and both with multiple items. Perhaps the redesign is kicking in already? 

    Chris (

    "Clayton has got to be one of the most motivated freelancers I have ever worked with. He not only goes above and beyond in the tasks he performs; he also takes direction and feedback without any friction."

    Erick Fenstermaker

    "I asked Clayton for his professional help. I was pleasantly surprised with the speed of his response and high level of professional recommendations . I would work again with Clayton anytime."

    Timur Azaev

    "Clayton Bates here helped me with a video on what is good and what is to improve. Also he offered me a website checklist guide for making it more likely to convert."

    Ion Novac

    I have been very pleased with Clayton's service, his attitude, his vision for my site...everything. He responds within 24-hours, he addresses my questions directly, and he taught me a lot about Shopify, e-commerce, and site design. Five stars. 

    Sam W (