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NO Sales ???

Have you ever asked yourself "why can't I get sales" ? I know I use to ask myself the same question, back in 2014 when I built my first Shopify website. I was just like you going on the Shopify Community Forum searching for this answer !

I found the answer ! but not from the Shopify Community Forums. 

Early in 2015 someone gave me some free advice that helped me to generate $10,000 in sales. This is why I want to give you free advice because I understand what its like when you first start out online. 

Today I'm going to show you some FREE ways I can help you to start converting more visitors into sales and what we do here. 

Below is a video of my true journey to 10,000+ online sales. I hope it inspires you. 

My Shopify Journey


Video Transcript

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Selling over 10,000 products online has taught me a thing or two about what it takes to get sales. I wrote a FREE PDF outlining some of the key things I believe your website needs to make it online. Don't miss out on this it will not be FREE forever. 

The other FREE way I can help you is by doing a video website review of your website. I love doing these videos and the great thing about them is you don't have to pay anything. 

I will go over your website on camera so you can see what I see from a fresh set of eyes. All you have to do is send me a email with your website address and I'll email you a full video review of your website. 

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So Whats the catch ?

While I love giving free tips and advice I also offer affordable website redesign packages to fast track your online business. 

The truth is back in 2014 I was quoted thousands of dollars for someone to design my website and I just couldn't afford that. 

Here I offer affordable website redesign packages designed by myself. Someone who has went out a made thousands of sales and learnt the skills needed to make it online. I truly understand the struggles when you're first starting out. 

If you would like a free quote fill out the form below and lets have a chat. Even if you just want to bounce some ideas of me that is also fine. 

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