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    Frequently Asked Questions Page

    How to add/update frequently asked questions page on venue theme template 


    Create Page

    If you haven't yet created a page you will need to do the below 

    • Shopify Main Menu 
    • CLICK Online Stores 
    • CLICK Pages 
    • CLICK Add Page 
    • ENTER Page Title "Frequently Asked Questions"
    • CLICK Save 

    Page Template

    The page template needs to be activated. This is how to activate page template if you're having issues. 

    • Shopify Main Menu 
    • CLICK Online Stores 
    • CLICK Pages 
    • CLICK Frequently Asked Questions Page 
    • CLICK Template 
    • SELECT Page.FAQ

    Customize FAQs Page Template

    • Shopify Main Menu 
    • CLICK Online Store 
    • CLICK Theme
    • CLICK Customize (Venue Theme) 


    CLICK Pages (Frequently Asked Questions)


      CLICK FAQs Page

        On the right you should be able to add headings and FAQs as per above video from here. If you have any further questions and/or suggestions please reach out HERE 


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