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    How to Add Contact Us Page

    In the video below I will be showing you how to add a contact page to your Shopify store.  


    Video Tutorial


    Work Instructions 

    How to Create Contact Us Page
    Go to Shopify dashboard 
    Click THEMES 
    Click PAGES 
    Click ADD NEW PAGE 


    How to Add Content 
    Title: Name your page i.e "Contact Us" 
    Content: What do you want your visitors to read ? 


    Tip: Don't include gmail or Hotmail etc email addresses. This doesn't look professional. If you add contact form below you will not need to display your email address. I would recommend buying a domain email address for few dollars a month i.e or 


    How to Add Image to Contact Page 
    Click UPLOAD FILE 
    Select Image from desktop 
    Once image load CLICK on IMAGE 
    Click SAVE 
    Tip: Image isn't really required. I like to add a image of myself so customers can see what I look like. 


    How to Add Contact Form 
    Go to Template Section on the right of page 
    Under Template Suffix click on page 
    Select: PAGE CONTACT 
    Click SAVE 
    Hope you liked to video and work instructions. If you have any recommendations for our next video let us no in the comments below. 

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