Shopify Secrets: Amplifying Online Revenue

Tune in to this riveting eCom Ops Podcast episode with Clayton Bates, a Shopify expert and owner of Inspire Small Business, to get insider tips, common pitfalls to avoid, and learn from his rich journey in the e-commerce world! Discover the shifting sands of the e-commerce landscape with the advent of AI, and learn why mobile optimization can’t be ignored. From the life-changing impact of business mentors to the magic of reciprocating in the world of customer reviews, this episode is a treasure trove for anyone looking to ride the e-commerce wave. Don’t miss out!


Clayton Bates is a renowned Shopify Expert hailing from New South Wales, Australia. With a track record of infusing tens of millions into small businesses worldwide, his expertise in building and redesigning Shopify websites is unmatched. Beyond his technical skills, Clayton is a fervent entrepreneur at heart. His genuine passion lies in bolstering businesses to achieve unparalleled online success.

Inspire Small Business isn’t just another web design agency; it embodies a vision. Established with an aim to stand beside business owners fervent about growth and conversions, the company has always prioritized innovation. With impressive accolades such as generating 20 Million Dollars in extra client revenue and garnering 100+ Five Star Reviews, Inspire Small Business stands tall as a beacon of value, trust, and partnership in the e-commerce world. The company’s ethos is evident in its unique approach – consistently offering unparalleled value without expecting anything in return.

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