All things Shopify with Clayton Bates

Join us this week as Shopify maestro Clayton Bates shares the ultimate secrets to uplevel your Shopify store. Don't miss out on the insider tips from a true veteran of Shopify:
  • Common mistakes people make with Shopify
  • Tricks to a more effective Shopify homepage 
  • Which review platforms he love
  • Tips to improve your performance on Shopify store 
  • What to put on your ‘about you’ page
  • When should you jump from Shopify to Shopify plus 
  • What are the benefits of Shopify plus 
  • How to approach design for a brand new Shopify store 
  • Importance of UX (user experience) and UI (user interface) design in e-commerce 
  • How to ensure your Shopify store grows with your business 
  • What is the need to update your Shopify website often to convert more 
  • Efficient Apps for e-commerce Shopify stores 
  • Shopify vs non-Shopify themes: How should you approach it 

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