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    Your One Word


    I could say I'm a big nerd. I love reading books. I have been inspired by different books over the years.

    This business is inspired by the book "your one wordby Evan Carmichael the number one priority here is to inspire others to really go after what they want in life and business.  

    I believe that if you want something bad enough you can find a way to get it. If that's going on your dream holiday or building that business you have always wanted and never took action. I use to be to scared to go for many things in my life. Books have inspired me to have the courage to truly go for it. 

    The book "your one word" is all about finding your one word and how you can build a business around that one word. It's a great read. Rarely I find myself unable to put a book down and this book captured my full attention.  I'd put this book in my top 5 must read business books. 


    What about if you hate reading ? Well that's ok Audible is a great option also. On the link below you can buy this book from Amazon. We receive a paid commission but if for some reason you don't want us to receive this feel free to search it on Amazon. 


    Happy reading and remember find what inspires you and go for it. 


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