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My Story

In 2017 I felt lost in life. I decided I would fly to Bali to find myself. My life would change forever over one drink one good conversation and a cheeky German smile

Why Inspire Small Business

When I was in Bali I ran into a women from Germany with a cheeky smile. She was living in Bali working on her business. After feeding the monkeys in Ubud we sat down to have lunch. She started to share how she built and designed websites for local businesses in Germany. This really interested me as I had built my own website and achieved more then I could ever imagine in 2016. The conversation was so inspiring. Finally I was talking to someone who knew what they were talking about when it come to websites. In my Shopify journey I'd never spoke to anyone face to face that knew anything about websites until then. 


I couldn't stop thinking about what we had talked about. I couldn't stop thinking about inspiring others to truly go after their dreams and build a great business. Just like she had inspired me. Even if that is just a side business from your 9-5 job or breaking away from the 9-5 and giving business your everything. Even building a business you can work from another country straight from a laptop. That is why I called this business INSPIRE SMALL BUSINESS.


What about the house you just bought ?

Resigning From The 9-5

I knew I couldn't commit to this as I had other goals in my life that I needed to achieve first. Once I achieved my goals it was time to resign from the 9-5 job. I wish it was that simple. It took 6 months to work up the courage to resign. It was one of the hardest things I've ever done. I even teared up handing it in and I rarely cry. 6 and a half years of hard work. I worked my way up in the business. Some would think I'd semi "made it" and that I was crazy for leaving a good job. What about the house you just bought ? Some people also said. 
All I knew is following my dreams was all that mattered and it was worth losing everything to achieve. 


I can't even explain how it felt to get the first customer

Shopify Journey

I understand what its like to not get customers. Back in 2014 I built my own website and it didn't get customers for the first 6 months. I thought I could just "wing it" building the site. I was wrong. I had to learn so many skills along the way. I can't even explain how it felt to get the first customer. I was jumping up and down. I was so excited. 
Fast forward to 2016 in a 6 month window I landed 590 online sales in a small niche. This isn't even including all the phone , eBay and email sales I made over this time.  This was all while I was still working my 9-5 full time job. I didn't even spend a single dollar on advertising. Every lunch break I was in the car driving to the post office to ship all my orders. The extra money really helped when I bought my first home. 

Ever since I was a teenager at high school selling cans of Pepsi

Clayton Bates

From Sydney Australia Earth
I love building websites , inspiring others , the beach , cricket , the Parramatta Eels , books , breakfast (pancakes) , music , being happy and going after what i really want in life and my business.
Ever since I was a teenager at high school selling cans of Pepsi I have wanted to be a business owner. I'll never forget the first drink I sold. It started a fire inside me that I've never been able to put out. My first sales in any new adventure have always been the best. The first sale on eBay , Markets , Collector Fairs , My Shop , Gumtree and even my first Website Redesign. 


failing in the past doesn't determine the future

What I Believe In

I believe anyone can go after what they really want in life. I believe if you hate your job you can find what you're passionate about and build a great business or land that dream job you always wanted. I believe failing in the past doesn't determine the future. I believe life is to short to not go after dreams and make them reality. 

I believe working in a space that inspires you is one of the most important things.

Random Stuff In My Pictures

I believe working in a space that inspires you is one of the most important things. I built my office to truly inspire me to do my best work. Every time I walk in here I'm ready to get stuff done. Most of the items you see in my pictures have a special meaning that motivates me to put the work in. 

My Vision

To inspire you to go after what you really want in life and business
To build the best Shopify Theme on Earth

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